Apparently the Atlanta Braves own the trademark on the word “Braves”. Turns out they’re a Major Baseball League team. Who the fuck knew? I certainly didn’t, ’cause obviously sports and nerds don’t rub elbows unless said sport is a) virtual b) imaginary c) pretending to be a badass fictional character and d) running away from the cool peeps lest suffer a beating.

Anyway, so this baseball team owns the rights to the word “Braves” and they’ve got their panties in a twist because Disney-Pixar‘s wanting to trademark “Brave” for their upcoming movie… Brave.  By this, I mean they filed a formal objection to Pixar’s trademark application.  Even though trademarks do distinguish between the plural and singular, the Atlanta Braves are getting all bitchy and whiny about how they use both “brave” and “braves”.  Well, they should’ve trademarked both then, eh?

The people who own the baseball team had this load of bullshit to say:

[…] damages will occur as a result of Disney’s trademarks being approved as they have used the singular form before on merchandise and insist it is common for fans, media, et. al. to use the singular form when referring to a single player, whereas the pluralized form refers to the entire team.

Okay… really?  How fuckin’ damaging would it be to be associated with a children’s film?  A smart group of people would try to find a way to work with it and capitalize on this opportunity.  Also, anybody who gets confused between the movie and the baseball team and winds up in the wrong spot should answer to Darwin, ’cause bitches are too stupid to function in society.

Apparently the film was originally called The Bear and the Bow, but Brave is definitely a better choice.  Yes, there’s an option B but it’s fuckin’ lame and this entire case is pointless.  It is absolutely time to clear the bunched up panties from their vags.

Rant away in the comments, y’all.

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