The BastardCast Versus Doctor Who

With Doctor Who about to return, Jason and special guest Who-expert Steven Sautter debate Davies v. Moffat, and discuss the Ponds’ coming exit, which Doctors might come back next year for the 50th anniversary, and more while Jeremy mostly reads comic books in silence.

Prior to that, Jeremy and Jason discuss their collectible addictions, the possibility of a Brett Ratner Justice League film, the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show, and Eddie Murphy working hard to soil both the remaining shards of his legacy and the realm of television.

Later, in Dirty Nerdy Confessions, Jason admits that he sings to his technology and Jeremy finds a way to trick his wife into playing with his joystick.


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Those things that Jason mentioned:

4th World Comics and Chosen One Collectibles in Suffolk County New York on the island that is long.

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