They say that the laughter of a child is the world’s greatest sound so Jeremy and Jason finally sent out an invite to perpetual bratty teenager AJ Wiley and his legal guardian/handler/pimp Paul Smith from the Gobbledygeek Podcast and they suspiciously accepted. Come for the dinosaur donkey punch, stay for the inhumane sleep deprivation and madness cackles because we recorded for 7 hours till the crack of dawn and this is the best 75 minutes of it. On the show we…

-Barely tolerate a conversation about the Oscar nominations.

-Process the Kristen Stewart/”1984” news while one of us reveals that improper use of the word “Orwellian” and references to 30 year old computer commercials signify the limits of his Orwell knowledge.

-Offer high praise for the first “classic” Community episode of the season and Dan Harmon‘s ability to quickly get his groove back without sleeping with Taye Diggs.

-Converse about a country musician’s fall from grace before Jason debuts a snippet from his all new country song that nixes the southern leg of our upcoming Bouncing BastardCast Bonanza Waffle Fest and World Tour. Also, did you ever wonder if a country cruise ship looks like 742 strung together pick-up trucks? We have your answer (Spoiler alert: Nah.)

-Start talking about Sasquatch porn (screenplay idea: SasCROTCH 3: The Thickening) and then fall into a chat about dinosaur porn and a game of dino-wouldja.

-Unbelievably rally to soberly chit chat about late night comedy and the upcoming new era.

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The BastardCast: Respectable by increasingly loose modern standards.

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