What is The BastardCast? Well, I’m glad you asked. The BastardCast is dynamism, sensuality, deep tissue massage, chilli cheese fries, exploration, suspense, still photography, fine Italian motor cars, lust, tragedy, hygiene, wistfulness, grace, and grace, and also grace. Oh, and it’s a nerd news pop-culture entertainment type show…

This week on The BastardCast:

–Rumor has it that there is actually a bit of Star Wars NEWS for the fellows to discuss this week, though these things seem to be false a lot.
–Jeremy and Jason have a mild slap fight while digesting The Justice League movie announcement and the speed with which DC builds its movie universe.
Godzilla purists say that the king size lizard is too Americanized, and by that they mean FAT.
ComiXology makes drastic changes to the way digital comics are purchased and the boys have opinions about it.
Sam Jackson vs. Naked People
–The desserts secrets have been revealed and they are technologically lacking and want to phone home.
–A new zombie game threatens to distract us all while the real zombie apocalypse takes its hold.
–Exotic food with Jeremy, scorpions, and everyone’s favorite foodie in Taco Talk
–And the guys discuss Free Comic Book Day plans and Jason Goes to a Retro Video Game Store to Feel Old on The BastardCast!

PLUS the #TimeChallenge is down to it’s final four. Vote in this weeks match up below!



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