Hello friends, it’s been a long time since we busted out of carbonite and returned this podcast to the internets (which you can subscribe to via iTunes here.) In that time, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve sang, we’ve titillated and taco’d, but now we’ve finally made it to our 100th Episode (which you can find on Stitcher by clicking here.) That’s right, SWEET SWEET SYNDICATION IS OURS! So to celebrate Jeremy’s new yacht and Jason’s new chin implants, the guys have pressed their cummerbunds, bleached their assholes, and rammed a ton of references to show’s past and our best bits (comparatively speaking) as a part of what we are humbly calling, “The BastardCast Centennial Celebration Podcast of Magic, Lighting, Intelligence, and Pleasure!

On the show for this momentous occasion:

–The guys reflect on their favorite BastardCast moments (don’t worry, it’s brief)
–The new Batsuit and Batmobile from Batman and Superman: Friendship is Magic are discussed (WITHOUT A SINGLE NIPPLE JOKE)
Community‘s death is mourned… mostly.
–Forget-Me-Now pills for all as rumors roll out about un-altered Star Wars blu rays and a big time demotion for the prequel trilogy
–The Namor (or, Namoré) movie rumor gets ripped out of the ocean and gutted
–Constantine, The Flash, Gotham and Mulaney get our vote for most exciting TV shows while Cristela gets compared to Louie (in a really bad way) and heads are hung over some of the other upcoming TV entries.
Roberto Orci gets script help from the guys on the eve of his ascension to the Star Trek 3 director’s chair
Channing Tatum is confirmed as Gambit, Zac Efron‘s abs reportedly get a script from Marvel, and regular looking guys get to be really excited about Donal Logue‘s proximity to heroing.
Did Dan Aykroyd inadvertently trigger a diplomatic crisis with Mars that is resulting in a preemptive strike on the red planet?
Will Applebees enthusiasts crash the new Applebees social network after 10PM when apps go half off and the real party monsters come out to play? All that and a story about a thrilling race to use up rotting taco meat before it expires on #TACOTALK
Then, to close out the show, the #TimeChallenge has come down to the final round and Booster Gold* is facing off against Doctor Who for *Prize not yet selected* and victory in Versus, the segment we wish had stayed dead.CLICK BELOW TO VOTE!

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All that, instructions on how to properly suck on a lolipop, and a salute to both Jason’s peerless Scottish accent and all of the people who have helped make this show as much fun as it has been for more than two years and now 100 episodes.

Speaking of those friends, here’s the lot of them. From guests who were kind enough to give us a few minutes to talk, to guest hosts and friends who have been a huge part of our podcast family, to the sites that have let us post our show and other podcasts who have had us on theirs, thank you so very much — you owe us big time…

(In order of height) Matthew Jackson, Chris Cummins, Anne Sisk, Dev Richards, Steven Sautter, Brad McHargue, Sarah Moran, Luke Gallagher, Arlo J. Wiley, Paul Smith, Danny Trejo, Jason Mewes, Nick Pitarra, Ryan Browne, Rob Bricken, Nick Bungay, Christina (Intro to Geek), Evan Saathoff (Sam Strange), Tim Gibson, Brian Winkeler, Darren Wall, Bill Corbett, Phil Morrison,,, The Dorktown Podcast, Gobbledygeek, Epic Podquest, the Debateable Podcast, and of course,

So, what’s next?sink_this_bitch

PASSION! SUSPENSE! HUMOR! CROSSBOWS! UNICORNS! And more as RadioBastard delivers unto you the next great chapter in podcasty goodness with our next 100 episodes, starting in the first week of June(ish)! If you do not currently use a podcasting service to subscribe, NOW IS THE TIME!

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What’s that, you can’t go that long without us? Well, rest assured and keep an eye on this feed because our Extra Unnecessary Cavalcade of Comedy and Classic Bits is coming up in the interim!

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