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This week on the supple Bastardcast, your mother lets Jeremy and Jason out of her bed long enough to talk about Free Comic Book Day, Doctorless Who and the Time Lord’s E-Harmony account, the great Marvel vs. DC debate, and the return of four classic Marvel characters to the Disney owned Marvel Movie Universe that will now be completely ignored after being totally abandoned. So, welcome back Matt Murdock!

Also on the show: Fanboys have Fury over Human Torch casting rumor, Ray-J and Brandy (or possibly another pair of siblings) joining the Avengers if “sources” are to be believed, Jim Gaffigan doesn’t care about your toenails and we don’t care about the resulting controversy, and stop, collaborate, and listen as Ziggy Stardust Jr. compares Tom Cruise to Vanilla Ice.

Do you demand more? Alrighty, Jason performs emergency surgery on a couch that may contain a pathway to another dimension, Charlie Day rides a robot like a bronco while it pinata’s the head of a monster with the whooping stick made of 100% boat, and the boys sing an ode to Grand Theft Auto Trevor, patron saint of fucking shit up and wife-beater tees.

All that, vaginal care products, fresh meat for the Hall of Excellence, and the continuing search for Jeremy’s stolen Batman colorforms on this week’s episode of The Bastardcast.

District of Columbia

The Bastardcast: Please don’t listen to us while you masturbate.




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