You know him as “Joe the Policeman” from the “What’s Going Down?” episode of That’s My Mama,’s own Matthew “Action” Jackson joins Jeremy and Jason for another installment of The BastardCast Power Hour of Fun and Practical Life Advice!

This time on the show:

  • Uncle Jeremy’s yearly Go-Go Juice budget is examined and mocked, though to be fair, that also includes the cost of maintenance on Scotch-Bot 3000™.
  • Jason stops being polite and starts getting real with Matt
  • Michael B. Jordan has been cast in the Fantastic Four reboot for the 16th time and fans worry that Kate Mara will derail things, as she is wont to do.
  • Do you hate it when track listings spoil a movie or a TV show for you? US TOO, but apparently that may have happened with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and we’re discussing it.
  • Is the Batsuit reveal coming? We preemptively judge it while imaging a world where Larry King is Batman and Affleck-doubter Seth Green is Bat-Mite
  • Patrick Stewart confirms why he is fabulous.
  • Jeremy, Matt, and Jason take a look at Jimmy Fallon‘s first week and go surprisingly in-depth on Joan Rivers’ history on The Tonight Show. If you aren’t a Late Night fan, take heart, this happens near the end of the show.
  • LIGHTNING ROUND! Chased by the demon of sleepiness and a howling, feral, hell beast, our three brave podcasters go “All Killer, No Filler” as they talk about America’s clown shortage, the coming viking apocalypse, and potentially unsound meat.
  • Oh yeah, and then we totally gush about the first full look at the awesomeness that is Guardians of the Galaxy in Trailergasm.

All that and more on The BastardCast!

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The BastardCast: I’d Buy This Not Quite Timely Pop Culture Reference for a Dollar!

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