Good morning and welcome to Wake Up BastardCast! This morning, we’re talking to soap opera actor Duncan Dour about love scenes and crying in prison. Also, Kitty and Skot monkey arang with primate expert Ellis Geren and resident medium Tammy O’Neil communicates with dead confederate soldiers who want to confess their atrocities for a shot out of limbo.

Does your little monster like juice boxes and the acclaimed cable drama Breaking Bad? In our second hour, 11 year old celebrity chef Kennedy Kennedy is going to show us how to make crystal blue raspberry punch out of peach pits, food coloring, and an expired Gogurt and a juice box out of a paper bag and dishwashing glove. Also, weather puppet Stormy Feathers reads a bit of slam poetry about teen pregnancy and Kaywren and Donna Albacore-Reeses, our siamese twin news anchors break down all the goings on in the world around us.

Here’s a look at some of those stories:

–Jeremy and Jason are unmoved by the possibility of a messed up Power Rangers gritty reboot, and in fact, Jason seems to be rooting for carnage.Comic book TV show overdrive as iZombie, The Flash, Agent Carter, Constantine, Gotham, and every other comic besides Booster Gold get a TV show.
–So your favorite TV show got cancelled. Look away if you want sympathy because these guys with their words and stuff are going to be harsh as they tear down your lemonade stand and tear up your “Save Community” signs.

–Should we be allowed to marry our laptops? A man is sewing because he can’t but we’re looking for the weirdest USB powered attachments.Wouldja do a robot? Unsurprising revelations from our distinguished hosts and a familiar rant about sex toy inequality.
–#TacoTalk continues to get really comfortable at the end of the show as we try to figure out how many tacos we can get for Jason’s Matthew McGona-Hey Hey Hey impression, immediately followed by Jason’s inevitable obsession with the sound of a word.

–Also, Burger King wants you to reconsider the idea of limitations with regard to when you eat hamburgers, Fred Durst and Marky Mark fight in our minds for the title of most mind scraping story of the week, a brief appreciation of the Hulk Hogan film No Holds Barred, and the second to last #TimeChallenge… we promise.

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The BastardCast: One of us is taller than the other.

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