After celebrating the New Year with nerf guns, emotional scarring, and Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo, Jeremy and Jason put on pants to start season 3 of The BastardCast.

On the show this time:

Friendship with Robert Downey Jr. is magic as the actor reportedly works to get Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson, and the Beaver puppet into Marvel’s The Avengers 2. #PoorTerranceHoward
Sources are saying that Denzel Washington could play The Green Lantern, but Jason’s sources say that that isn’t going to happen.
Will Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson be in Batman & Superman: Friendship is Magic?
The Labeouf Apology Tour takes to the sky!
Can the rapture count for a damn if believers don’t get a chance to see Nicholas Cage‘s latest?
Marvel has devoured The Star Wars line from Dark Horse Comics, but while some worry about Dark Horse, we’re mourning the impact on the expanded universe.
Canadian government asks military to tell them all their thoughts on super Gods.
After a long time stuck in the land of Moses and Dave, Community is back with Dan Harmon overseeing things and we’re talking about the premiere and how the old Community has made us judgey. Also, can the show recover without Donald Glover? The guys discuss his final appearances and the gap left by his coming exit.

All that and crocheting for winners on THE BASTARDCAST!

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The BastardCast: 30 Helen’s Agree that we don’t know enough Dave’s.

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