The approaching production of Iron Man 3 is seeing a lot of hype lately, especially given Robert Downey Jr’s rather vocal and positive endorsement of the screenplay.  The third in the trilogy will feature all the favorites, including Don Cheadle as James Rhodes and Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts.  It looks like Scarlett Johansson will be returning as well, to reprise her role as The Black Widow.

The character of The Black Widow made her debut in Iron Man 2 and has subsequently gained some screen time in the soon-to-be-released Avengers flick.  With this being the third film for both The Black Widow and Scarlett Johansson, fans may get the chance to see some real development for this cameo-bound character.

Who knows?  Maybe the people who have been making all these films are gearing up to put The Black Widow in her own spin-off.  While the prospect might be entertaining for fans of the character, the dangers of the spin-off are well known.  Just look at that horrible Elektra film that spawned from Daredevil.  Of course, Daredevil itself was a steaming turd of a film, so maybe that’s not the best example.

Iron Man 3 is set to begin shooting in May of this year and will no doubt hit screens during the competitive summer of 2013.


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