When The Boondock Saints hit theaters in 1999, it became an instant hit. Fans begged for another foray into the Saints’ world and their wish was granted when The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day was finally released in 2009. Now, eight years later, the Saints are back at it… sort of. This time around, the Saints are coming back in the form of a prequel on television and the fans can get directly involved!

Troy Duffy has teamed up with DCTV to reboot the franchise for television with a crowdfunding campaign and the costs may be higher than most fans are willing to pay. The Boondock Saints: Origins campaign launched today as a pre-funding option for fans to get their hands on the series before it airs anywhere else. The series announcement is nothing new. We reported on it back in 2015, but today’s announcement marks the first time some solid information has come been released.

The Collector’s Box Set (pictured above) will include the full season and be provided “ahead of ANY broadcast run on ANY network, cable, premium pay television or SVOD platform.” The box isn’t just cool-looking, it’s chock-full of Boondock Saints Origins swag:

The Limited Edition Collector’s Box numbered, a DVD and USB Flashdrive Digital Download of Season One of The Boondock Saints: Origins, Commemorative Production Booklet, Limited Edition Signature Pennies, Baseball Hat, Sticker Set, Wall Decal, Temporary Tattoo Sheet, Bandana, Buff, Patches, Coldweather Beanie, 9” Lady Justice Polyresin Statuette, Lady Justice Bottle Opener, Shot Glass Bar Set, Flask, Official and Alternate Image posters (x2), Metal Cross Keychain, Motorcycle Club Kutte Patch Set, Fun Shapes Ice Cube Tray, Griffin Irish Whiskey Tumbler Set (of 2), Rosary Beads, 2018 Wall Calendar (13 Month), Playing Card Deck and Brothers 8″ Action Statuettes (2 pieces).

For all that, you just have to pay the (un)reasonable price of $597.77, which is $200 off the MSRP price that will be set after the fundraising campaign. Most folks won’t have the cash to get one of these limited edition boxes (Only 5000 will be made) so anyone who decides to pinch even more pennies can snag a Golden Ticket for a measly $5,000.00! The Golden Ticket will get supporters an invite to the exclusive green carpet world premiere marathon screening on St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Boston, 2018!

Folks might be unwilling to put out the cash for the series since there hasn’t been much information released about it. The launch campaign/trailer video has a bit of information, but not much:

More information on the fundraising/presale can be found on their website: http://boondocksback.com but there really isn’t as much information as one might like for such an expensive venture. There certainly are enough fans of the series to get this off the ground, but given the high cost, it’s certainly a gamble. Still, we at NerdBastards are huge fans of the films and comics so any Boondock Saints news is good since the third film doesn’t look like it will be made.

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