MTV recently talked with director Adam McKay at the Comedy awards. He went on to talk about the upcoming adaption of the comics series, The Boys, by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The Boys is the story of a CIA team that monitors and keeps superheros “in their place.” The story is hard, mean, and bloody. Sex, drugs and other perversions of superheros protected by their corporate sponsors are the everyday meat and gravy of Billy the Butcher and The Boys.

While finishing up the script McKay dropped a couple of big names for parts in the upcoming film. The biggest being Russell Crowe for the part of Billy the Butcher. Take a look at the pictures below, My first reaction to Crowe’s name was not printable. I couldn’t think of a major role Crowe had played in which he played as big an asshole tough guy as Billy the Butcher is in the comics. Then I thought about some of Crowe’s personal life rage antics and thought, wait, maybe he can pull it off. I never “liked” Billy the Butcher in the comics. He is cool, tough as hell and willing to go what ever distance he has to to complete his mission. That didn’t mean he was a good guy, just not as bad as those he went after.


McKay went on to say that if Simon Pegg wanted the role of Wee Hughie (the character was admittedly modeled after the star), “Everyone knows Simon Pegg can take Hughie if he wants,” he said. “I don’t know what his schedule is like, though.” This one is a no brainer. I would even go so far as to say that the Hollywood powers that be should make what ever scheduling changes needed to make this happen. The Boys without Pegg would be like Mickey Mouse without Goofy. The magic wouldn’t be there.


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