As we continue to spiral down this nightmare that began with Michael Bay dropping that his mutant ninja turtles are aliens, we have a few updates. Firstly, as previously reported Peter Lairds opinion and casual support of the change was misreported. Apparently he was being Sarcastic. In the comment section of his blog post his real opinion comes across rather bluntly.

After the jump we see what Peter Laird really meant, what Kevin Eastman has to say, and what could possibly be the most logical case and explanation for Michael Bay actions.

Via CBM:

“Did you really get out of what I wrote that I in any way, shape or form LIKE the idea of a planet of Turtles? If so, I guess I have to re-think how I express myself.” 
“Just so it’s absolutely clear — I think a planet of turtles is not, in and of itself, a bad idea for some kind of science fiction/fantasy story. But as a way to explain any aspect of the backstory of TMNT, I think it is awful and unnecessary.” 
“Of course, we have no idea at this point if the plan is to have a planet of Turtles. It’s probably a good idea to wait and see.” — PL

When another comment made mention of how Bay ruined the Transformers franchise, Laird replied, “He may have made Transformers movies which are not to your taste, but he hasn’t turned the properties themselves into ‘utter crap.’ I have no particular interest in Transformers, but it seems to me that — like TMNT — it will be around for a long time, well after Michael Bay’s involvement with it is done.”

Well, that clears that up, doesn’t it. If you are on the mutant side of this great debate then hearing one half of the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is on your side, but what of the other, what does co-creator Kevin Eastman think? This is what he said on his Facebook:

Via /Film

“Hey Guys, Sorry to have been away for so long–completely swamped with work–but it is some pretty exciting stuff. I had been invited to check out the TMNT film development by my friend Scott Mednick over the years, and a while back had a full look behind the curtian at what writers Appelbaum and Nemec, director Liebesman, and producer Bay are doing–and trust me–it IS AWESOME. I’m officially on board, and will share more as I’m allowed… thanks all!”

In the photo accompanying the post he says he is ‘working on some top secret TMNT doodles’ that we can’t see, but I assume they are all tentacles and eye stocks and ovum depositors, you know, alien stuff.

So… um… is Kevin being sarcastic too? Does he know about the whole alien thing? Has he ever seen a Michael Bay movie? It sounds like he is rather enthusiastic about the production, which is probably not going to sit well with the TMNT purists out there. The nerd rage will continue.

Speaking of nerd rage, professional nerd rager Doug Walker, (a.k.a. That Guy with the Glasses) has posted this video editorial, one that I hope serves as the final word on Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Alien Ninja Turtles.

via Topless Robot

Ok, now seriously, we have been doing this for a week now. We have to learn to move on. Take a look at the history of the TMNT franchise. It has gone though many changes. Some good (like the first live action movie) some bad (every other time it has been live action).  Two weeks ago, no one was this passionate about the property and  now half the internet is devoted the argument. Makes me worry about what will happen if/when it is announced that Joel Schumacher is working on a Street Sharks live action….


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