It seemed like it was never going to open in the first place. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the big, Broadway musical adaptation of the Marvel Comics hero, began production in 2007 and burned through millions of dollars, saw several changes in cast and production staff and had more than a couple of on-stage injuries, all before preview performances had even begun. Still, Turn Off the Dark has managed to eek out a place for itself on the Great White Way, at least it will until this coming January.

The Wall Street Journal is quoting sources that are telling them that Turn Off the Dark will put on its last show sometime after the start of the new year. The show has been running for over two years now, and has been fairly popular despite the negative media attention, but it all comes back to money in the end, and Turn Off the Dark just isn’t making enough of it. According to Variety, the show costs $1.2 million a week to run, and right now is only bringing in about $1 million per week. The production hasn’t broke even for weeks now, and will officially close in January.

However, this is not the end for Turn Off the Dark, it will reappear on a Las Vegas stage sometime in 2015. “Economically we have a greater opportunity in the Las Vegas market,” said producer Jeremiah Harris. “Over the last week we’ve finalized all the creative deals, and are in serious negotiations with a venue in Las Vegas.”

As for what will next open in the Foxwoods Theater, sources on Broadway say it will be the Australian musical version of King Kong, but that may depend on whether or not the Foxwoods can get the millions of dollars for necessary renovations.

So farewell to Turn Off the Dark. You beat the odds and became a hit, but I guess you were too weird and wonderful for a long-term Cats or Les Miserables like run on Broadway.

Source: IGN

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