Before we all got bogged down in this Gal Gadot and “Are her boobs big enough to play Wonder Woman?” nonsense, there was an idea to get Wonder Woman back on our TV’s and I’m not referring to the Adrianne Palicki version. When Arrow became a hit last fall, The CW wondered (hehe) what other superhero characters they could give the “Year One” treatment, and they liked one pitch called Amazon. Although it wasn’t ready for this past fall, many believed that the netlet would give it another go, but today at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, CW bosses said for the record that Amazon is no more.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, the CW confirmed that it’s curtains for Amazon, the story of a young Princess Diana fresh off Themyscira and newly arrived in “Man’s World” created by Allan Heinberg, the TV producer behind The O.C., and the comic book writer of the Young Avengers. Why abandon such a serviceable concept? Well, ask Joss Whedon about how hard it is to write Wonder Woman… But seriously, it probably has more to do with The CW’s formula with the upcoming Flash show, and creating a plausible spin-off that doubles as an expansion of the DC Comics TV Universe. Of course, Batman Vs Superman might having something to do with it too, but the development of the movie hasn’t stopped Fox from moving forward with Gotham.

Alas, I guess Amazon was just too beautiful for this world.

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