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Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series has been undergoing the financial process involved in coming to life, a process that is often complicated and tenuous.  Currently, it’s become the baby of Ron Howard and some of his associates and there’s a plan with Media Rights Capital to produce one movie and then see whether it warrants enough attention to bring more of the series to the screen.  But it looks like Howard and company may have found themselves a better deal and we may see more of The Dark Tower than we thought.

According to Brian Grazer, one of the folks working with Howard, another investor has stepped forward and wants to go with the crew’s original idea of making The Dark Tower as three movies bridged by two limited-run television series.  There’s no word on exactly who it is that has faith enough in the property to throw money at that much production or whether Howard and those involved are willing to take a chance with the new investor yet, but there’s at least the chance that we fans of the series may get to see a more faithful rendering of it across the two mediums.

We at Nerd Bastards will keep you informed on the progress of the project as more information becomes available.  In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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