Through the ages, there have been many nefarious characters that have tried to take over or destroy the world.  Hitler, Stalin, Cobra Commander, Shredder, Osama Bin Laden to name a few. None have proven to be more cunning and elusive than that of Doctor Claw. The true identity of Dr. Claw has remained a mystery, one that many scholars have puzzled over for years. Some say, that the truth about this conspiracy could very well unravel the very fabric of society.  Religions would crumble, government super powers would fall, financial markets would crash.  Blowing the wistle on what I know could easily make me the man that destroyed the world.  You, the readers of need to know the truth.  I can’t keep it to myself any longer.  This is not for the faint at heart what I have to tell you will shock you to the very core of your soul.  If you feel that you have the will to live after knowing the truth then read on…You have been warned!

Did Jesus really have a wife and child?  Who shot JFK?  Did the military really find aliens at Roswell NM?  Where the hell did the Mob bury Jimmy Hoffa really?  These are the questions that, as Americans seem to not only linger in our minds, but also creates reason for us to think that there are bigger things going on in the world that we couldn’t even begin to fathom. Even with a million plus man hours of investigation put into these questions and we’re still left with little to no answers. There is one story out there though, one that lay hidden inside all of these moments in history that connects all the dots.  This story is considered by most, to be but a myth. A legend , passed down generation to generation. This is the Legend of Dr. Claw.  In this document you will learn of the secret society known only as M.A.D. You will also discover the true faces of Dr. Claw.  You will discover the men behind the myth.

Yes, Dr. Claw is an ideal not a person. Much like any secret society, Dr. Claw is just the title that M.A.D gives to the man that they appoint to lead the organization.  Once given the title, a man becomes Dr. Claw… “until age has taken their mind, or until death takes their body.” This is the cryptic last line of the oath one takes, it was taken from a 15th century parchment found deep in the Himalayan mountains. 

Oh you thought this was just a silly cartoon about a moronic, half robot dectective, that ran for 2 seasons before it was abruptly cancelled? No, no, no! Fact is, these two seasons worth of cartoons are merely a symbol.  They were a way for modern day Da Vinci’s to to hide the truth of M.A.D not only in plain sight, but in the unlikliest of places…A cartoon? Genius! Who would ever take a cartoon like Inspector Gadget seriously anyway? That was the point. When the creators of the show finally wanted to make an episode to not only explain the truth, but to unmask Dr. Claw for who they really were, agents from M.A.D paid off the higher ups to cancel the show. It was a bold move on M.A.D’s part to come out in the open like that, but it paid off. The episode never aired and even in syndication you saw many episodes of the show but, never got a glimpse of this priceless piece of art.  I have heard of Black Markets where people have paid Billions to own a copy.

The Dr. Claw of Inspector Gadget is CHEIF QUIMBY. Yes! The man that got blown up by exploding messages every episode!  He was the ultimate agent of evil!


You have to look at this in terms of symbols.  Gadget, is the symbol for America.  A stuipid idiot that occasionally does something right. He has tons of weapons, but doesn’t know how to use them. He spends most of his time pretending to work while the little people actually get the job done. Sounds like America to me. Quimby symbolizes the Government.  He has total control over Gadget, gives him every mission, and at the end of the day Gadget still blows him up. In the final episode when it is revealed that Quimbly is the real Dr. Claw it ends Gadgets purpose, and effectively puts him out of a job.  If people really knew ultimate evil ran our government our society would crash in an instant! As far as the show goes, that is how the cartoon Inspector Gadget really ends. Crazy I know!

You may be saying at this point, “Hey, I have the Dr. Claw Toy and I am sure He is not Cheif Quimby! I call Bullshit!”

You mean this Toy:


This Folks is the biggest pastsy in American history. After the final episode got silenced, toy makers had to figure out a way to get the public to stop asking questions.  This is who we got. A mongoloid, half retarded looking dude that they passed off as the real thing.  It worked for most people, but not me! Quimby was the real deal!

Here’s another Patsey you may remember:


This guy was the mastermind that killed JFK? I don’t think so.  Are you starting to see a pattern?  Mongoloid half retarded looking fall guys that’s M.A.D.’s thing.

The real truth is M.A.D controls the world.  It has for centuries.  Every great war, every time a civilization falls, every assassination of a great leader, M.A.D. was there. M.A.D hid the truth about Jesus, M.A.D killed JFK, M.A.D stole the technology from the Roswell crash to create laser guns, and M.A.D buried Jimmy Hoffa in the foundation of a condo complex in Seattle Washington.

Now you know the Truth about M.A.D. and Dr. Claw. Share what you know with the world! They need to know!

Some of the Dr. Claws of History:

Adolf Hitler

Alexander The Great

Attila the Hun

Benjamin Franklin

George W. Bush

Jack The Ripper

Napoleon Bonaparte

Current Dr. Claw:  Robert Downy Jr.

By: Barry Mahoney


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