For 10 fuckin’ years, Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane have been trapped in a legal bitchfest… Primarily because McFarlane and his people are selfish sons of bitches.  But this shit has finally been settled and Gaiman will be see the dues he’s waited a fuckin’ decade to receive.

Basically, the schtick is that Gaiman (who is best known for his work with Sandman) wrote issue #9 of McFarlane’s Spawn in 1993 in which he introduced a bunch of characters that became srs bsns in the comic series, movie and TV series and was never properly credited for his involvement (i.e. never received the royalties he was due).  So Gaiman has been trying to sue McFarlane for the past ten years.  Holy shit.

It shouldn’t have been this goddamn difficult to get the recognition he deserved from a company that was founded by artists who wanted to have creative license and ownership over their creations.  Funny enough, McFarlane was one of the founders of Image Comics.

Hit the jump to see what Gaiman was finally able to post on Twitter today.

In the tweet, Gaiman links to a story describing the settlement that “calls for declaring Gaiman a 50 percent owner of Spawn issues 9 and 26, the first three issues of a spin-off series on the angels and the issues’ contents”.  After ten fuckin’ years, dude is finally being compensated for his work.

But, of course, it isn’t about the money.  This is from a blog post he wrote a while back:

I wish I took some kind of joy in this, but I don’t… At this point all I hope is that Todd can do an accounting for all the comics I wrote for which he paid no royalties, and the rest of it; and that he’ll settle up and I will make some comics charities very happy.

And McFarlane also gave Gaiman props for standing up for what he deserves.  So why did this shit take so long?  Who the fuck knows.  And I’m not really interested in going through the past articles of legal proceedings to find out ’cause this bitchfest is finally settled.

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