The Final Days On The Harry Potter Set

This picture blows my mind. Not the very enjoyable kind of blowing, but y’know.

So e’rybody’s all grown up, now! The Harry Potter films have been a part of these people’s lives for years — and for those who’ve been there from the very beginning, it’s been a decade of playing these characters and growing up with each other.

This video has compiled footage of the last day of many of the significant Harry Potter cast members, and it does get rather emotional for them knowing that this time… there won’t be a next time.

We always knew we were coming back, and this time we knew we weren’t.

We also catch a few glimpses of Alan Rickman and Ralph Fiennes in character and laughing or goofing off, which is quite a sight to behold. I hope some of these things make the blooper reel!

To skip all the Thai (I think?) stuff and just catch the good, Harry Potter-y, bits, start at 0:25 and watch til 3:00.

I got my tickets tonight! Do any of y’all have advance tickets for opening weekend yet?

Source: Geek Tyrant

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