It was during Arrow‘s mid-season finale that we saw actor Grant Gustin hit with bolt of electricity and sent through a shelf containing various chemicals. Fans surely recognized it as the origin of Barry Allen’s alter-ego, The Flash, and in the time since then there’s been growing speculation over what his speed suit is going to look like once his own show premieres on the CW. Will it be more modest like The Arrow’s duds or full-on comic book regalia? After a tease a couple weeks ago (above), today they’ve unveiled the full look:


Admittedly, this isn’t the pose I would have chosen to reveal The Flash’s suit, but I get what they’re going for. This sprinter or hurdler starting position is the go-to look for The Flash before he speeds off, and I’m sure we’ll see Gustin striking it regularly.

From what we can see, however, this is a suit very much in line with what the several iterations of The Flash have worn in the comics. It’s a full body suit in that iconic red color and even has The Flash’s emblem emblazoned across the chest. There are few interesting details too, like what appear to be lightening bolt patterns on the sides of his thighs, vent holes (?) on the knees, and a mesh material worked into the design (not so unlike Spidey’s suit in the recent Amazing Spider-Man).

While I’ll have to hold my full opinion until we see this suit in action, my initial reaction is to like it. A lot, actually. From the get-go it’s been clear The Flash will be a different kind of show from Arrow. It’ll be less concerned with grounding their hero in reality, and I mean, how could you make a show about a man who can run faster than sound based in “reality”? The decision to go for a costume that could come straight off the comic book page is in line with this and I can’t wait to Gustin running around in it.

Now that the suits been revealed the next hurdle for The Flash will be how they’ll go about achieving just that: the super-speed. I don’t want a Flash who runs around like those sparkly vampire in the Twilight series. Then again, I can’t say I’ve ever seen super speed achieved in a semi-believable manner onscreen so I’m very intrigued by how they’ll manage it. Once we see Quicksilver do his thing in X-Men: Days of Future Past we’ll have a more concrete example to compare it with, too.

What are your initial reactions to The Flash’s suit? Anything you’d change?

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