The Geek Zodiac: For a Horoscope You Can Trust

If you’ve ever wondered just where exactly you fit in, where your name is written in the stars of the Geek Galaxy, this awesome Geek Zodiac from James Wright and Josh Eckert is just what you’ve been looking for. Just like the Chinese Zodiac, it classifies you based on what year you were born, and each of the 12 signs rotates every 12 years (as you can see, we’re living in the Year of the Superhero right now).

Find your birth year and read your attributes. I, for example, am an Alien (I won’t tell you what year I was born…OK, fine, it was 1926, now GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN YOU PUNK KIDS!). This means I’m, among other things, “intelligent, diplomatic, and suspicious,” all of which are things I’d probably consider true. The chart also gives you various examples of your sign in the world of things Geek. Alien lists the alien from Alien, the Thing from The Thing and my personal favorite, the Triffid (I’m an 85-year-old Triffid, bitches!). Click the image above to make it full-size, and research signs for yourself and your friends to your heart’s content. Then, you know, start debating who would win in a fight if you were literally your sign.

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