The Ghosbusters Are Pricks!

“The Ghostbusters are back! And they’re sort of assholes.”

Call me an asshole, but I didn’t find this video very good. It was like “Hey let’s do a Ghost Busters sketch guys!…but, lets make it not good”. Good premise, poor execution. Plus I’m sure Family Guy already did something similar.

The clip from Funny or Die was directed by Ben Weinstein (cinematographer of Wet Hot American Summer) and features the sketch group Chubby Skinny Kids (Dan Gregor, Doug Mand & Adam Pally), a comedy trio originally from The Upright Citizens Brigade. While I must be in a sour puss mood the rest of you bastards might get a kick out of seeing the Ghostbusters be total dickweeds.

Ghostbusters Return – watch more funny videos

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