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I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little tired of seeing ‘Ghostbusters’ stuff in the news. It’s always Dan Aykroyd being batshit crazy, Ernie Hudson totally resisting change or Bill Murray trying to distance himself from any future GB projects. But once in awhile something Ghostbusters-related crosses my desk and it’s a real treat. For example, Entertainment Weekly managed to call up the former cast and have them don familiar apparel for a special reunion issue. It’s cool to see the old crew together actually having a good time. Of course, there’s one very important member missing, but he’s somewhere in the great blue yonder studying the paranormal up close and personal. Now that’s what I call professionalism! Hit the jump for EW’s Ghostbusters-themed cover and reunion pic.

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I’m not against a Ghostbusters remake, but I have to admit that this is the way I want to remember the crew. I’m old school that way. I think I could put up with seeing the originals return in a third film as long as it didn’t suck. If the damn thing blew chunks, I’d be really annoyed. So we’ve got to depend on the little things like this that pay homage to special memories. It’s extra cool to find how how painless it was to reunite them. I get the feeling that they even looked forward to this shoot.

“We called up the original Ghostbusters and convinced Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Dan Aykroyd, Ivan Reitman, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Potts to don the famous ghost logo once more as they shared stories about auditions, the Ghostbusters legacy, and the late Harold Ramis.”

Speaking of Ramis, it would’ve been nice if someone could’ve held a photo of him or something. But I guess I’m just too much of a softy, huh?

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There they are, Reitman and Hudson sort of doing the aloof, cool thing with wry smiles. Annie Potts all side-eye and coy with sexy thigh-highs. Sigourney Weaver and the upright straddle, showing she’s still got it, while Bill Murray acts like this happens to him every day. And, of course, Mr. Aykroyd with the invisible shotgun, looking like he just died and goddam went to heaven. For real, this must be the best day he’s had in 30 years. And in absentia – Rick Moranis and…

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Egon. Collecting mucous in another life.

Here’s the video interview of the whole group on the Today Show!

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