They say ambition is the lifeblood of entertainment, but Ron Howard‘s plan to adapt the 7 novels that comprise Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series scared the shit out of Universal Studios, causing the studio to run screaming from the planned 3 film and 2 TV mini-series project last year. Luckily, Opie has gumption and now, apparently, Warner Bros. on his side according to Deadline.

The House of Finke states that Warners is set to hire Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend, The Da Vinci Code) to polish that which he has already written. Howard would still be on board to direct and Javier Bardem, who has been attached since the bad old days at Universal, would at long last play the role of Roland Deschain.

Details on the ensuing TV mini series’ are sparse, but HBO’s name has been bandied about as a landing spot and we know how much HBO likes epic shows (Game of Thrones), that is until they don’t (Rome).  You had a happy, and then you had a sad just then.

Inspired by Stephen King’s love of Spaghetti Westerns and epics with the breadth of The Lord of The Rings, the book tells the story of a lone gunslinger who searches for the mysterious Dark Tower. The series has inspired graphic novels, an online game (Discordia), and the love of millions. In short, Howard had better not fuck this up.

Source: Deadline

EDITORS NOTE: Article written by Nerd Bastards contributor Jason Tabrys

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