The Hobbit to Cost 500 Million! WTF?


Filming in New Zealand…$60,000…costumes…a few hundred…the look on people’s faces when they found out The Hobbit will cost 500 million?… Priceless.  So in another installment of “The Hobbit Crisis 2010” we find out not only has the film already had so many issues getting started but will also cost a ton to make!  Mike Fleming states:

“I can confirm a NYT report that they’re locked into a 3D two-picture shoot that will cost around $500 million. Unless a third party steps in, Warner Bros most likely funds production because MGM can’t. The movement on The Hobbit doesn’t help James Bond, which is post-bankruptcy business. If Spyglass partners Roger Birnbaum and Gary Barber close the deal and turn MGM into a stripped down production entity, they will have every studio chasing 007. While Warner Bros, Fox and especially Sony Pictures Entertainment will be players, I hear Paramount stands a good chance. Birnbaum and Barber have a great relationship there as co-financiers of Star Trek, and Paramount can certainly use the films as its distribution deal with Marvel winds to a conclusion.”

Now I know that Peter Jackson likes to make these grandiose films but this Hobbit business is just getting downright ridiculous.  I hope all this trouble is worth it and they give us an epic movie experience, then maybe I’ll stop bitching.  What do you guys think?  Is making the Hobbit worth all this aggravation?

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