Sure, the Joe Johnston-directed Jumanji is more than 20 years old, but it still holds a special place in the hearts of fans, which is why the remake, despite the presence of Dwayne Johnson, has so many people asking, “What’s the point?”  The point, it seems, is to change up everything you think you know about Jumanji. At CinemaCon this week, a long standing rumour about the project has been confirmed: in this Jumanji, the characters get sucked into a  video game. 

The revelation comes via the Wrap who says the Jumanji in Jumanji is “a classic, ‘90s-era video game console” called “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.” The footage shown at the con looked “fantastic” according to one person who was there to see it, and it featured action, comedy and at least one scene with “wild, running CGI rhinos,” in a likely homage to the original film. Fans were also promised a touching tribute to the original film’s star, Robin Williams, somewhere in the film.

Exhibitors also got a look at the “Breakfast Club” stylized group of kids that will be at the centre of the plot, and the “avatars” they become when they get sucked into the game. There’s the “meek” Spencer who becomes “a stupid and girl-crazy jock” played by Dwayne Johnson, the “football jock” Fridge who becomes “a tiny Einstein” essayed by Kevin Hart, the popular girl Bethany becomes “a bookworm professor” type that looks suspiciously like Jack Black, while the “un-athletic” Martha turns into the “Amazonian warrior” played by Karen Gillan.

Jumanji will be in theatres everywhere this holiday season.

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