It’s a good thing that the Tardis is much bigger on the inside! While Steven Moffat has made it clear that there are no plans for a Doctor Who film, director Rob Schrab has teased that The Doctor may be landing in 2018’s The Lego Movie Sequel! Hints were dropped by Schrab on Harmontown Podcast (via io9), where he divulged that talks between Warner Bros. and the BBC were already underway concerning the Doctor’s appearance in the next Lego Movie. The Doctor is no stranger to changing forms- shifting into a Lego shouldn’t be that hard, right?There’s no word as of yet as to how intricate the Doctor’s role would be; whether he’d drop in with a small cameo or act as an important secondary character. After the recent deal that the BBC struck with Lego and the Lego Dimensions video game that spawned from it, we can see that the Doctor can hold his own in the Lego-verse. A Doctor Who play-set is also in the works to be released next month from the toy company.

Based on a story they created with Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan, The Lego Movie Sequel is being scripted by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The pair has been pretty tight-lipped about the plot, although earlier this year Miller did divulge that the sequel will pick up four years after the original movie, adding: “When he’s an adolescent how does that change his point of view?”

Other minor nuggets of info that have been passed down are that we’ll be introduced to Emmet’s sister, and that the story will take place in a “weird, dystopian version of Bricksburg.” This doesn’t sound like anything the Doctor can’t (or hasn’t already) handled, but watch him in action for yourself in the Whovian-infused Lego Dimensions promo.

The Lego Movie Sequel is scheduled to hit theaters May 18, 2018.

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