The hero that saved us from spending 10+ bucks on the skull fuck horrible-ness that is X-men’s Origins: Wolverine has been arrested. Gilberto Sanchez (hehe Sanchez) was the man responsible for leaking a rough cut of the film to the internet a month before it’s release. He was arrested at his bronx, New York home this morning and is expected to go before a magistrate judge on charges of violating federal copyright laws.  THR who broke the story says that:

According to the FBI, the 47-year-old man was indicted by a Los Angeles federal grand jury last week. A copy of the unsealed grand jury indictment indicates that Sanchez uploaded the film to file sharing network under an alias. Information on how Sanchez allegedly obtained the feature film is still yet unknown. He faces up to three years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Though Wolverine was a box office smash, the studio still claims this leak caused damages. Personally, I am happy this guy going to jail. I can sleep better at night knowing that someone who uploaded a video to a file-sharing Web site is off the streets. I of course am being sarcastic. This man basically sacrificed himself to save us from spending our hard earned money on this shit movie, he deserves a statue or something. I do feel bad though for those the people, besides FOX who worked on the film. Our little hero here did cause a loss of money (which is debatable) and all those actors, production people and so on who spent time working a project got robbed. 

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