It’s been pretty clear from the beginning Marvel Studios is creating a universe all their own, with many of the same characters as the comic books but with slightly different origins and story lines. With their recent films, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, they’re weaving these characters together with extra after-scenes and easter eggs in preperation for the big crossover film, The Avengers.

Today we’ve learned Marvel has more plans to connect their characters and films. The rumors have been floating around for some time but a “source close to Marvel Studios” (according to Film School Rejects) claims some pre-pre-production work has begun on a series of short films featuring secondary characters of the Marvelverse. The DVDs/Blurays for Thor and Captain America are already expected to feature short films starring Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) so a plan to start preparing more of the same isn’t ridiculous.

Obviously this is a big MAYBE or IF as no one from Marvel has confirmed anything. I really hope it’s true because it sounds like a fantastic idea. The talk is these short films would either appear in front of feature Marvel films or as extras on the DVDs/Blurays, or hell, both! Wouldn’t it be awesome to sit down to see a Spider-man film and have a short in front about Black Cat? And what a great way for them to test out an actor or concept before attempting a full feature film (and losing millions). I think these short films would be a really smart move for Marvel so here’s hoping this comes to fruition. What do you guys think, any characters you think deserve a shot at a short film?

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