To be honest, when I heard The Munsters were being rebooted for modern audiences, I cringed. Seriously, is no classic property safe?!? But the more I read and especially after this first look at the design for the new 1313 Mockingbird Lane I’m getting a little excited to see what the Bryans pull off. That would be Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer and their re-imagining is called Mockingbird Lane. This version will be a little darker, a little edgier but still a family show. As you can guess from the name change their trying to avoid too many comparisons with the 1960s television show, but I mean, how can we not compare the two? What they need to focus on is making a good, updated version that still pays tribute to the campy roots, and from what you’ll read here, I think they’re going to succeed.

First, let’s take a look at the new digs,

I like it. It looks spooky but not silly, as if a real family could live there. If they happen to be big into the Gothic Victorian motif, which I expect the Munsters are. What do you guys think of the new 1313 Mockingbird Lane?

Fuller also chatted with Entertainment Weekly about the new series and really has some interesting things to say about the updated Munster family.

We want this show to be an American Harry Potter. To have that sense of a magical world that you get to go to with your family and find stories told in a fantastical way that are instantly relatable. It’s an American Horror Story that the whole family can watch.

Okay, I see where you’re going Bryan, but American Harry Potter and American Horror Story couldn’t be more different. Even if you take the mature content out of American Horror Story, it’s still a pretty fucked up show and not very magical. But, y’know, I kinda see the point you’re trying to make.

Why the title change?

The script is such a dramatic departure from the tone and style of the original show. If we continued to call the show The Munsters, people are just going to to think we’re doing The Munsters. We’re doing a reinvention and re-imagination of this property. I love the Universal monsters. I love the Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, The Wolfman,Phantom of the Opera, The Mummy. There’s so many great characters we can run through this metaphor of family storytelling that it just felt it was ripe to do as a one-hour dramedy. Having all those elements to play with, the toy box is really really full.

I too am a huge fan of the classic Universal monsters and what a great idea to incorporate more of them in order to expand your cast and create more story lines to explore. And what types of stories can we expect?

There’s some great stories going forward in the series. Any story you can tell on Parenthood we can run through a Universal monster prism and tell it in a very twisted off-kilter way. What I love about the pilot story is it’s about a family who loves each other and they have a child [Eddie, the werewolf] with a disability and they’re trying to craft a path for that child so he can have a happy life — they just happen to be monsters. And, unlike in the original, we’re going to see our monsters do monstrous things.

And finally, what about the visuals of the show? What kinds of costumes can we expect?

We’re not doing bolts in the neck and Bela Lugosi. It’s almost the Real Housewives of Transylvania. These are a blinged-out representation of what monsters would be doing if they lived in our society today. How they would look, how they would interact. Our wardrobe is heavily influenced by Alexander McQueen and his use of animal textures. For instance, with [the vampire] Lily, all of her wardrobe comes from nature. The first time we see her this nest of spiders weaves her dress on her body as she’s standing there. We’ll see ravens come in and assemble her blouse out of their feathers. We won’t see animal skins because the animals are donating as opposed to dying for it. She has domain over nature and nature has a fantastic esthetic.

I don’t know about you but after reading what Fuller had to say I am definitely more intrigued by an updated Munsters, not so rage-facey anymore. What do you bastards think about their vision for Mockingbird Lane? It’s not going to completely suck, will it?

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