Ahh The 12 Days of Deadpool delivers again on the ninth day, bringing us the season’s joy food and fun. There’s a new IMAX poster to enjoy and a little teaser video that has me hungry for more… much more. Check it out… check it out right now!!!


Here’s the new IMAX poster:

Why Yes, Virginia… that is Stan Lee in the corner there making his first Super Hero Movie poster cameo. Why is everyone on fire though… did Deadpool take them all out for a spicy Mexican restaurant for lunch? We are witnessing history here folks.

And here’s the delightful new teaser:

Well, I want a taco now… and a Chimichanga… and some Guacamole. Hell, you finish this post, I’m going to lunch. I’ve just been told I can’t do that, it’s is not my lunch hour yet and Luke won’t unlock the ankle chains until then.

Deadpool hits theater screens February 12th, 2016. Here’s the new goal. The highest Box Office for a February release is… yuck… 50 Shades of Grey at $85 million. Let’s pack the Deadpool screenings and crush that record, or at least beat 2007’s Ghostrider at $45 million.

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