The Official Doctor Who Teaser Trailer Arrives

Is it Sheriff Doctor or Doctor Sheriff? Yesterday we showed you the hush-hush, naughty-naughty version of the Doctor Who season/series 7 teaser trailer. There was caution tape all around it and broken glass on the floor, and you could hardly hear a thing being said — today though, we offer up the full 1 minute and 15 second long teaser trailer in glorious sound, color, and officialness.

As was evident yesterday (for those of you who had the chance to spy it), the Doctor is in the old west, because bolo ties are cool. Joining him are Rory, Amy, and some kind of evil robot cowboy with some sort of glowy gun. Oh yes, and there are guns, guns, guns, and more guns. Also, there is running and it appears that Moffat and co. took full advantage of the Spanish plains and did, indeed, bring us to the Skaro wasteland — the former home world of the Daleks.

I won’t spoil, or painstakingly detail the rest because, well, I don’t have too. You can just click the link, so go ahead then and do it.

There, now wasn’t that better?

Source: BBC by way of JeffIsAGeek

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