This time on the all new lemon scented RadioBastard podcast hour of power, Jeremy and Jason get wrapped up in the timeless internet sensation known as #DressGate. Also, there’s some hot llama action, a plot to steal Winston Churchill‘s vampire blood and a hot Latin body for Jason, 47 uses for chicken skin, and DuckTales! Wooo… Wha?

You seem like you could use some specifics…

–It’s gold and white! It’s black and blue! This is how the apocalypse happens and we’re covering it live from the scene. #DressDecision2014

Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection officially join Community season 4 and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace in the unwanted junk bin.

–The Atom, a guy from Titanic, and a dead girl are going to star in a DC Flashy-Arrowverse TV situation and Jeremy and Jason quibble over the breadth of the stories DC should tell on the television.

–It’s raining superheroes in the new Avengers; Age of Robert California poster and Robert Downey Jr. has an announcement regarding an announcement where he will announce… something. Maybe Air America 2: Still Americaning. Who knows?

The Green Power Ranger didn’t like Starbuck and Dawson’s gritty boob-filled hard karate version of the Power Rangers and we don’t like him.

DuckTales cartoons are coming back and Jeremy is prepared to make his stand to protect the sanctity of the DuckTales theme song.

Game of Thrones Monopoly is coming but you will have to supply your own tits and wine.

–The NYPD is showing cops a scene from Roadhouse as a part of their training. Video Video Video was apparently out of To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar.

–What’s the difference between fan-fic and delusional behavior? We explain while demonstrating what the world would look like without advanced history classes as the guys discuss Winston Churchill‘s possible vampirism.

Head transplants could be on the horizon and Jason is eyeballing new torso candidates for science and so that he can know the thrill of buying a non-husky sized shirt.

–Then, on #TacoTalk: The guys discuss the magic of a 3D printer like device that makes food and then have a debate about whether one should order pizza in a blizzard, but hold onto your biscuits, KFC‘s mad scientists are trying to replace cups with sugar paper and Jeremy wants them to dream bigger and explore chicken based apparel futures while Jason dreams of a woman made entirely out of chicken bits.

All that and more as they wrap up #FebruMurray 2015!



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