Hello prospective listener, thank you for your interest in the RadioBastard Podcast. Do you like Star Wars flashbacks, duplicitous robots, second hand LEGOS, living in a virtual world, 11 variations on a Boston accent, a little man with a big heart and the continued effort to keep Dan Harmon‘s pantry well stocked with the finest in name brand crackers? That’s fackin swell, because we’re talking all about those things and more on RadioBastard!

Also, do you like details? You’re in luck! Here’s something close to that… sort of! On the show this week, Jeremy, Jason and Blastr.com writer Matthew Jackson discuss:

–Texas’ New Number One Past Time
–Completely made up entertainment news
–The return of Community and we ask Jeeves to air new episodes of Herman’s Head
–Kevin Smith is crying and there is a rumor about Star Wars flashbacks — HAS SILENT BOB SEEN JAR JAR ORIGIN STORY PAGES?
–Del Toro discusses some of the Pac Rim 2 changes (with other people) and we make tiny monster jokes with terrible Del Toro impressions.
–Why Supes has a case of the sads in the first official glance of Henry Cavill in his Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice costume and how, after staring at his crotch, we saw little difference
–Peter Dinklage left his acting trousers in Westeros
–A man runs through Fallout 3, inspiring us to get philosophical about the true value of the experience and HELL YEAH! Monster trucks and airstrikes in GTA V convince us to worry more about the dangers of charcoal cooked meat this holiday weekend.
–A place that rents LEGOS and Jeremy’s latest robot conspiracy theory
–And in Trailergasm, most of us are underwhelmed by the bat fist in Dracula: Untold and the guys try to understand how Horrible Bosses 2 makes any sense while Jason runs off his list of his favorite Jasons, besides himself and then we all pay tribute to Meshach Taylor with a moment of Hollywood.

All that and a new, horrifying meaning for the term “Workin the fryer” on this episode of Radio Bastard.

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RadioBastard: We would totally get along with Ryan Gosling.

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