Let’s face it; Dwayne Johnson being cast in the movie adaptation of this epic video game is pretty spot on and, now, the movie has finally found its villain. Malin Akerman is now in negotiations with the film’s crew so as to portray the villain in the new flick which will start filming next month.


Although it has not been said how many other cast members must be chosen before the filming process can begin for Rampage, Akerman is said to be joining a pretty awesome cast for the new film. Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Akerman will be playing the head of the tech company responsible for the three monsters’ creation (Lizzie the lizard, Ralph the werewolf, and George the ape) and, in turn, Johnson will be portraying a “Primatologist and head of an anti-poaching unit in Rwanda” (prepare yourself guys, this is gonna rock). On his Instagram, Johnson recently posted this about his part in the new film,

“Spent my Friday night at our Warner Bros offices in a 6hr script session with these rampaging rockstars. Our Rampage (next movie I’ll make) writers, producers, director and star (occasionally me). Even though this took us deep into Friday night and we all have families and stuff to do – this kind of meeting is so critical to our movie’s success. Everyone’s instincts were firing on the highest of levels. My fav moment from this merciless 6hr meeting was when I shared with this group that there’s an equity and trust I’ve built with my audience that they trust me to take them on an epic ride, and always do our best to send them home happy. A very cool moment to see everyone’s eyes light and heads start to nod. To win on any level you gotta have teamwork and collaboration and can’t thank everyone enough in this room for their energy and focus. You truly helped us move the needle. And Wendy Jane you’re Superwoman for your creative brilliance and putting up with all these asshole’s dumb guy jokes. Not me of course, I’m a gentleman. Next stop for me in my research – the Primate division at the Atlanta Zoo (my character’s a Primatologist & head of an anti poaching unit in Rwanda). Really informative and educational character to play and project to work on. More to come. Start shooting this April. #Rampage”



On top of Johnson and Akerman, Naomie Harris joined the cast in January as a geneticist that begins to feel remorse for her terrible creations and the destruction they have caused and Jake Lacy is set to play the role of the brother of Akerman. Along with these stars, Joe Manganiello, Marley Shelton, P.J. Byrne, Jack Quaid, Matt Gerald, and Breanne Hill will also be starring in the new film, although, their roles in Rampage have not been disclosed just yet.

With a cast this great, of course, the crew matches accordingly. Brad Peyton will be directing the film using a script written by Carlton Cuse, Ryan Engle, and Ryan Condal. On top of this, Beau Flynn, John Rickard (Wrigley Pictures), Hiram Garcia (Dwayne Johnson’s 7 Bucks Entertainment), and Brad Peyton will all be producing the epic video game-based flick. Similarly, Wendy Jacobson (Flynn Picture Co.) will be co-producing the movie and Marcus Viscidi, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Jeffrey Fierson will be executive producers as well. The release date for the highly anticipated film is set to be April 20, 2018 and both fans of the game as well as the extensive cast of this new film couldn’t be happier. For now, only time will tell who will play each role but, with a villain and a protagonist that are nothing more than stellar, I think we can all rest at ease.


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