In case you haven’t noticed, the Internet appears to be overwhelmed with fanboy/girl responses (some positive, most negative) to the casting of Ben Affleck as the new incarnation of Batman. Some fanatical individuals have even gone so far as to start a petition to get him removed (Really?  Do you people have nothing better to do?).  But whether you have faith in the Batfleck or not, there still remains the question of how exactly the execs over at Warner Bros./DC came to the decision to make this rather controversial casting choice.  Well, it looks like the folks over at The Hollywood Reporter have dug a little deeper and found out some of the details.  Check out a summary of what went down below.

Apparently, the negotiations have been underway for months, ever since Man of Steel was completed and ready to go.  Snyder saw something in Affleck and decided to contact the writer/actor/director to see if he would want to give the Caped Crusader role a go.  He wasn’t the only one they were chatting with, of course, and other options appear to have been actors Josh Brolin and (thank the gods he didn’t get it) Ryan Gosling.

It seemed as if Affleck would be a no-go, seeing as how he expressed no desire to return to the super hero genre (his role in Daredevil and the subsequent critical reaction may have had something to do with that).  He even turned down the chance to direct Man of Steel.  But Affleck is a popular fellow over at WB and they’ve worked with him on a number of projects.  It only makes a certain amount of sense that they would want to tap the well again after Affleck started grabbing up Academy Award nominations.

After bombarding Affleck with details of story and character, they finally managed to convince him to get on board.  What’s more, it seems as if Affleck is signed on for more than just one movie, so we may be seeing him show up in future Batman flicks and the inevitable Justice League film as well.

So will Affleck be able to live up to the performance that Christian Bale put in during Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy?  Only time will tell, but I for one am willing to give this one a chance (despite having no love of Affleck in general).  My initial moment of terror and tears has passed and I can, in all honesty, say that I trust the casting decisions of Snyder (who has proven he knows what he’s doing in the past), particularly if Nolan was leaning over his shoulder while he made his choice.


Thanks to /Film for the heads-up.

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