Straw Hat Pirate Pre-Time Skip

Last month, One Piece celebrated its 13th year anniversary and Eiichiro Oda ended it with fans wanting to know what will happen next before he took his month long break, which was the first time he has ever done since starting the series. The only thing fans knew was that for the first time, the story was going to time skip forward to two years and start the “New World” saga.

Well, the month has passed and this week marked the return of the manga and while I do my best to support the franchise, I had to at least check out the title page as I was told it was a full color spread of the crew with their new look. While the image is available after jump (since it’s a spoiler for folks out there who only follows the Viz’s release of the manga), I can’t help but get excited by it. Ever since late last year, One Piece has surpassed Dragon Ball as my favorite anime/manga of all time and the series has done nothing but make me love it more.

Check the image out after the break to see the more older Straw Hat Crew!

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one piece 598 spread

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