Think you have the nerdiest room in the universe?  (See above picture…that room is made of awesome and win.)  You clearly do not, if you don’t have every single piece of furniture we’re about to list out for you, as well as including a picture and describing each item for you.  Don’t say Nerdbastards never did anything for you, kids.  Here is the top ten awesomest pieces of nerd furniture we could find, submitted for your approval.


10.  Mario and Luigi Dresser-

These dressers would mostly be good for kids, though also good for those of us who still feel as if we are kids at heart.  Nothing like a good look at Luigi or Mario when you’re getting dressed in the morning to really jumpstart your day.  Go out there and collect those coins, boys and girls!


9.  Mario Brothers Storage Cubes- 

Staying along the same theme for another minute, these would look great with your new dressers!  You could store just about anything in here; DVDs, books, shoes, mushrooms, fireballs.  There is no end to the possibilities this kind of storage can give you.  Plus, guys, if you have one of these and you bring home a spiffy lady (or dude if that’s your thing), there is no doubt she’ll take one look at these shelves and be DTF.


8.  Pac-Man Stools-

Great mix and match pieces whether you like red or white.  If you’ve always dreamt of sitting on Pac-man’s face, then this stool/chair thingie is the thing for you!  And if you want, you can add your own bow and sit on Ms. Pac-Man’s face.


7. Periodic Table-

HAHA get it?  Yeah all right the word play is a little lame, but this table and bench isn’t.  Multi-purpose table can be used as a surface or as a learning tool for the kiddies.  Instead of asking for the salt, your kids’ll be asking you to pass the Na. (Booo!  Yeah, I know.)


6. Lego Couch- 

Is this cool? No doubt.  The only problem I can see is that it doesn’t look very comfortable.  We’ve all stepped on Lego pieces when we were kids and can attest it isn’t very fucking pleasant.  So purposely buying a Lego couch and expecting to be comfortable on it?  Maybe not the smartest thing.  But if you’re going for looks only, this would be the way to go.


5. Social Network Pillows- 

Are you one of those people who cannot help but check your facebook or twitter accounts at least thirty times a day?  If so, these pillows would be for you.  Throw them on your couch to show guests how awesome you are, or for a little extra comfort you can take them to bed with you and cuddle them, since your online friends aren’t real friends and you’re probably usually alone at night anyway.  Aw.  *tear*


4.  The Pixelated Couch- 

So yes, it looks more like something retro than it looks nerdy, but it is based on pixels, a nerd’s dream.  Wait, are pixels a nerd’s dream?  Oh well, they are now.  This is a couch that the nerd and Grandma will both like, since it looks like something the Brady Bunch would have had right in their living room.

bookshelf3. The Equation Bookshelf-

How better to show what a brain you are than to have this hanging on the wall of your living room?  (Or bedroom, for those of you frugal nerds still living at home with mom.)  Style?  No problem.  Math conundrum?  No problem.  You can do it all with one of these babies.  Just make sure you only have white books with no lettering on them, like how the picture shows.  Otherwise it will not look as chic.

8-lego-wall-room_h4602. Lego Base Wallpaper-

Okay, so there isn’t any wallpaper that actually has the Lego bases on it, that we know of.  But if you have a glue gun and some Lego bases, you can make this yourself and just build epic works of art that will cling right to your walls!  This idea was found on a website that gave ideas for child rooms, but fuck that!  This would be coveted by most adults I know, and you would never be bored again.  Granted the green might be a little off putting, but they make them in all sorts of colors now.

han-solo-table1. Han Solo in Carbonite Table-

You don’t need me to tell you why this is cool, just look at it!  All right, I’ll tell you why it’s cool anyway.  Look at it!  Every person who calls himself or herself a nerd should have one of these tables.  It is epic and glows on the bottom and scares away all the people who might call you weird for having one.  It could be used a desk to write your important diatribes on, or as a dinner table.  Every family dinner would be amazing because with each bite of your meatloaf you’d be able to see the pain etched in Solo’s frozen face.  It would even help you be thankful of the foodly gifts you were about to receive, because hey, at least you’re not frozen in carbonite!  Bad-ass table, keep being awesome.

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