This is actually a thing.  This is a new trailer for the 3D release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and it’s geared towards getting kids interested in Star Wars.  Which is a great idea, except we should be looking to sell something that is actually good.

One of the top comments on YouTube tells it straight: “In this video: How to make a terrible movie seem even worse.” It’s the kind of bad where you’re not sure if it’s intentionally being stupid in an attempt to be funny or if it’s just fuckin’ terrible.

But then I remember that this is The Phantom Menace and of course the answer is going to be B. It is honestly fuckin’ terrible.


You bitches can’t unsee this shit, now.  Enjoy!  Don’t bother going to see it in 3D on February 10th.  Unless you plan to go drunk or high… in which case, I am completely supportive of your decision.

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