‘The Walking Dead’: What Did You Think?


“In a world ruled by the dead, we a forced to finally start living”

Hey bastards! It came, it went and totally kicked our ass. I am, of course referring to the premier episode of Frank Darabont‘s ‘The Walking Dead’, AMCs new series based on Robert Kirkman‘s acclaimed zombie comic series.

We actually caught the episode a few days back, and in celebration we put up a full review (check it out here), but if I may, I’d like to say a few more words. Never has a premier episode, of any television series grabbed me (no zombie pun intended) or had me fixated with my jaw agape like The Walking Dead did. It was quite, it was somber and it was haunting.

As a fan of the comic-book I went into the episode with a critical eye, purposely trying to find fault. I didn’t think it was possible for a television show to capture the mood, the tone and character behind Robert Kirkman‘s science fiction examination of the human condition, at-least with out taking liberties from the source material. Ya, know what? I didn’t find any! Frank Darabont took what was already defined in the comic (first 38 pages) and simply put page to screen, making a seamless adaptation.  The way the camera moved, the gritty-ness of the filter, the actors (who were all brilliant), the real-world feel and many other creative elements brought life to Robert Kirkman’s brilliance.

AMC is known for setting the standard when it comes to showing how good television can be, and The Walking Dead is just another example of that. Real drama. Real emotion. Real horror. One episode in and I can confidentially say that it might already be the best show on TV now.

So, enough of what I thought. What did you think? Have AMC and Darabont revolutionized TV by creating the first prime time zombie show? Does it deliver on the scares, the gore or in setting up a world that we want to visit week after week for the next two to five years? Please share your thoughts below.

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