Word is racing around the Internet that Jeffery Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Magic City) has been cast in the villainous role of Negan in AMC‘s The Walking Dead. Speculation on who should play Negan on the show has ranged from Madmen‘s Jon Hamm, to Henry Rollins, but I have to say that Jeffery Dean Morgan is a fine choice and he’ll do Lucille proud. “Who’s Lucille,” you ask?


Lucille is Negan’s weapon of choice, a baseball bat with barbed wire. You might have noticed in the comic book panel above that Negan loves Lucille, almost as much as he likes dropping “F”-Bombs.” It will be interesting to see how the series works that particular verbal quirk of Negan into the show.


Morgan brings a certain style to the characters he portrays. The Comedian in Watchmen is a good example and a great look at what mayhem he might bring to Negan, who is quite the character. I imagine Morgan is going to have a lot of fun letting that monster loose.


We’ll also see Morgan in the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice where he’ll play Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father. Let’s get back to The Walking Dead though.

If you thought the Governor was bad… Negan takes it to the next level. We can expect to see Negan in the Season Six finale with special effects wizard Greg Nicatero directing. Nicatero directed No Sanctuary, a fan favorite episode when Carol rescues the group from Terminus. I can’t wait to see what Nicatero does with Negan’s first on-screen appearance.

Scott Gimple, The Walking Dead Show-runner had this to say about Negan:

There’s a particular story in that arc that I’m very excited for. But because we know where we’re going, we have some opportunities to play around with it and put some things in that will lead up to [Negan and Alexandria] in different ways yet fulfill the story Robert told to the Nth degree by utilizing some slightly different approaches. Lineups and timelines and the whole nine yards.

This brings us back to the question of Glenn’s apparent death a couple of episodes ago.

That’s one of those questions that any way that I answer could spoil five different parts of the story. But I hope to show you. We will be showing it. You will be learning the answer to that question as you watch. If I were to answer it now, I would wind up revealing all sorts of stuff from different directions. The lame way of saying it is: You’ll have to see.

Yeah, let’s let that one sit for a minute and just enjoy the last 3 episodes of season six.

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