Often television shows are panned for being too predictable, too formulaic, and the same can be said of a monthly comic book series. So how do you make a successful comic book without boring readers with a predictable plot? Embrace your formulaic setup, own it, and make sure people give a damn about the characters you’re writing. Robert Kirkman‘s smash hit,The Walking Dead, has created for itself a gruesome, predictable patten and the clever folks at The Gutter have made a great visual aid to help explain it in eight easy steps.

My favorite is above, the stage where everything’s okay and you’re just waiting for the axe to fall. It’s why I tune in once a month, I need to know when the shit’s going to hit the fan. Once you’ve been reading The Walking Dead through a few story arcs the pattern is blaringly obvious, but you don’t care. Kirkman’s phenomenal understanding of his characters, their hopes, goals, ambitions, it all allows the reader to connect with them and care when terrible things happen. And Kirkman has a masochistic streak when it comes to the treatment of his characters. No one is ever safe, it’s rule number one of The Walking Dead.

Read up on all eight steps needed for a fantastic, gripping Walking Dead cliff hanger or plot twist after the jump. What are some of your favorite Walking Dead story arcs? Hershel’s farm? The prison? Any of the times spent traveling on the open road? Let us know in the comments.

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