Breaking news from The Hollywood Reporter, they’re reporting David Morrisey has been cast as the sadistic Governor on AMC‘s The Walking Dead. A veteran of British dramas like Meadowlands, State of Play and The Deal you might have also caught him in either The Other Boleyn Girl or Centurion. Most notably for us nerds, he played Jackson Lake in the Christmas Doctor Who episode, “The Other Doctor” with David Tennant. And after mentioning that role I’m having real trouble seeing Morrisey as the Governor. He’s sort of an unexpected choice, isn’t he?

For those not caught up with the comics, the Governor is a vile leader of another group of survivors Rick and the gang meet after they leave Herschel’s farm and start holding up in a prison. Of course, with how different things are from the comics who knows when or why they’ll meet the Governor in the TV series. THR is also reporting Morrisey will be a regular next season, which has been expanded to 16 episodes.

I’m a little sad they didn’t hear Tom Savini’s plea, but maybe casting him would have taken the show in too campy of a direction. This also officially squashes the rumors we’d see Daryl’s long lost brother, Merle, return in the role.

What do you think about this breaking casting news?

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