AMC is proudly shameless when it comes to pimping out its popular shows to boost ratings on new series in hopes of latching onto even a portion of those rabid fans for the new show. The latest foray brought an exclusive first look clip for season four of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead during an episode of Low Winter Sun.

You can watch the clip below, but my question is this? What the hell is Michonne doing letting any zombie get that close to her? I’m not questioning the use of the horse, that makes a lot of sense. No fuel to scrounge to fill the car and you can save what fuel you have for other things. You can clearly see some animal pens behind Carl as he runs to open the gate for Michonne.

Then there’s Maggie in the guard tower, who must have been making out with Glenn instead of keeping careful watch and reacting quickly to Michonne’s approach. I’m betting that people in the prison might be getting a little slack and overconfident. which can only lead to disaster.

The show returns October 13th, will you be tuning in?

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