Waiting for the next season of your favorite television show to return to the air can seem slower than waiting for a lumbering zombie crossing the road. The wait is almost over for the October 14th premiere of AMC‘s The Walking Dead and season three of the hit show is fast approaching. One can always hope that we’ll start seeing more clips and interviews as the marketing machine really cranks up the volume. That is if they could crank it up any higher than the marketing drive against DISH Network.

The first clip is from the tail end of season two while the second is most likely from the first episode of Season three. If your not up to speed on all The Walking Dead episodes . . .


Get your butt in front of a television or laptop and catch up. This has been a minor spoiler alert for anyone that is not caught up. The rest of you can take a look at the clips below.

What is your prediction about season three . . . who dies, who changes the most, what will the big surprise be in season three?

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