Some stories are so much bigger than themselves that their influence can be felt over 100 years afterward, and in more than just whatever iteration they were originally published in. H.G. Wells wrote The War of the Worlds in 1898, but it’s left it’s mark across film, television and radio and inspired countless stories from Independence Day to the second series of Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But every now and then, someone decides to go back to the well (or Wells?). MTV is the one carrying a bucket this time, and now the network famous for Beavis and ButtheadJersey Shore, and My Super Sweet 16 wants to dip into hard sci-fi with an adaption of the Wells classic.

According to DeadlineTeen Wolf creator and executive producer Jeff Davis will  be the executive producer of the new show, and he’s teaming up with new writer Andrew Cochran to turn the seminal work of Victorian science fiction into a new show. Salem’s Josh Barry and Jeff Kwatinetz will also be working on the show, and it’s passion project for Barry whose grandfather, Gene Barry, was the star of the 1953 film by Byron Haskin.

Haskin’s film, which was produced by George Pal, is one of two big screen adaptations of the Wells’ book, the other, of course, being Steven Spielberg‘s. The 1953 film though is a classic in its own right, preserved forever by both the Library of Congress and the National Film Registry, it won the Academy Award for special effects, and it inspired a sequel series that aired on CBS from 1988 to 1990. The most infamous version of War of the Worlds though remains the 1938 radio drama by Orson Welles, which actually sent people into a panic that aliens from Mars were really invading. That reaction is unlikely to be duplicated.

There’s no word yet on who might appear in the series, what direction the series might take, or when it will go on the air, but we’ll have all that news for you as it becomes available.

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