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While there’s probably not too many of you out there that remember seeing the 1969 western, The Wild Bunch in the theaters, some of you may have caught this classic film since then.  Well, brace yourselves, cause it looks like this is next on the list of things to make more money with in Hollywood.  A remake is coming and Will Smith wants to both star in it and help produce it.

They’ve been working on this one for a couple or so years already, though it’s really been going nowhere.  With Smith interested, that’s likely to change.  It is, however, a contemporary remake, so purists please turn your heads away now and cry your single tear of grief.

The original story, set in 1913, follows a group of aging outlaws that want to do some crimes despite the fact that they live in a west that isn’t so wild any more.  The new incarnation, if rumors are to be believed, is about a DEA agent that gathers up some buddies and sets out to rob a Mexican drug lord.  We’ll see how that goes over.


Thanks to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

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