The Xbox360 Towel Trick

Remember back in the day when you had a finicky NES, so you would blow the…blow into the cartridge and get the dust you convinced yourself was there, out, to make it work? Then after jostling it left and right inside the system it would finally spring to life. God, now with the dynamic creations of the PS3 and XBOX360 we don’t have those simple options any longer. In this months GameInformer Mag, they brought to my attention the “Towel Trick”! When you get the Red Rings of Death-Geek Speak for total system failure in your 360, it’s to send it away or if have you no warranty, buy anew. But according to them and probably some Jesus-like programmer (Long hair, a goatee, douchbag sandals, and a nightgown), you wrap it up in towels to overheat it and reset the Comp chip inside, just to get a few extra hours of play in….Oh the lengths we go to for our obsessions….Sigh….

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