There Will Be More ‘Smallville’?

After ten years on the small screen, could we be seeing more Smallville? According to the ever reliable Bleeding Cool we just might be, just not on TV (and no, not a movie either). Reportedly the shows story editor and writer, Bryan Q Miller, is going to write a novel detailing what happens to Clark and crew after the series finale, a de facto season 11.

Um, ok. Correct me if I am wrong, I have only seen a handful of episodes. Didn’t the show kind of end like it was suppose to? It was just suppose to tell the tale of a pre-Superman Clark Kent growing up in Smallville and when he moves on to Metropolis and becomes Superman (like he did in the final episode) its over?

Do we really need more? Well, at any rate we’re waiting for the official announcement, but this is the heads up to any fans out there.


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