The night is darker and still full of terrors in this latest Game of Thrones season six trailer. In fact, things look down right terrifying for a lot of our favorite characters. With only two weeks until the May 24th return of HBO‘s Game of Thrones, we’re going to see the Internet full of Game of Thrones hype and thankfully, as this trailer suggests, the show is going to deliver.


No, we didn’t suddenly switch this to a Star Wars Post, that is mother-flippin’ Max von Sydow in the latest GOT trailer. This show just keeps getting better and better. Let’s just watch it.

Oh my. Did you pee just a bit there at the end, or perhaps when one of your favorite characters popped up on-screen and didn’t seem safe? Someone grabs Podrick from behind and they better not screw with him, he’s the man dammit.

So many bits and pieces that only spark new questions, questions hopefully answered this season. Things are quickly coming to a head for the good people of Westeros, and all the other characters on GOT we love to hate. Can they survive, because it seems like winning isn’t as important as just living through the night at this point.

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